Li'l Devilangel

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back 2 cool

Ok guys, I know its been a long time since i wrote on this blog but its not my fault, Ive been really busy and I went away for a week to peachfest w/ my freind Tiff and her family. But now Ive got sme things to say so Im back. First and most importatnly I want to send my prayers to the ppl of New Orleans, your so brave and corageous at this awful time. Never lose you're faith, Gods love will see you through these hard days and rebuild your homes. xxOOxxOO. In my insignifigant life it was the first day of school today and we had the same boring asembly that they do every year where Mr Gryce tells us that every year is a new oportunity or something. Whatever, i tuned him out and me and Tiff and Krystle spent like an hour looking at the senior boys. Their are quite alot of hot ones. This year cause were grade 10 now me and Tiff and Krystle are so getting b/f's. Tiff kind of has a b/f now but hes like our age and cant drive or anything. The rest of the day kinda sucked cause all we did was go to Rap and get our scehdules. I have an ok scehdule but I got Mr Tierney for english and I heard hes really hard. Tiff had him last year and he made them do like a 500 word essay or something rediculous. After that I went home and watched newlyweds for a while, then Britt called and we went to the gym til dinner. After that I listened to Shakira for a while. I want to learn spanish and I think that listening to diffrent kinds of spanish music would be good for that. Then I went on the computer and found something AWESOME out; I won a poerty contest!!! This guy called Dicholas Wang had this contest for hikus about him and I entered. I always liked to do poems in class so I thought Id send one in. It was ok, not my best one but just something i did in a rush. Anyway I won 1st prize! Isnt that SWEET!? I showed my mom and she was really impresed. Maybe Ive found a new carreer! Anyway this post is getting too long so I should go, but I promise I will post more soon. All my classes start tomorow so there will be lots to tell all of you about that. Anyway I luv you all and I will pray for you!!



Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some words about me

My name is Amber, I was born in new Wesminister,BC. I enjoy reading, writing and spending time with loved ones, especially my two cousins Mercedes(4) and Aleesha(1). I live at home w/ my parents and older bother whose 17. Last year I lived in france for 1 month from this school trip and it was real hard doing everything for myself so I have a lot of respect for my parents now that I found that out.I enjoy family life and being with people that love me like firends and cousins.I am not involved in a long-term relationship right now which has it's ups and down's but Im looking for a cute guy who has a cool car and likes stuff I do. Maybe in sept. when school starts i can find a guy at school. I enjoy dancing, hanging out and taking tons of pictures.One of my biggest mistakes was denying God, each day I realize how much He loves me and that He wants the best for me.My older brother use to be a drug user but now hes clean so I thank God that I have a brother in my life that made me open my eyes and realize I was thirsty and not getting enough to drink. I know I will never get enough of God I will always be searching for Him and waiting for Him to answer in the wonderful ways that he does. Well thats about it, I will kepp you posted on the stuff I do in the months that come as I go back to school. Remember, Even if your sad, dont frown cause you never know whose falling in love w/ you cause of your smile!! : P

Luv, Amber